miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2016

James Rodriguez sports contract with Real Madrid Club de Futbol.

I leave the Player Professional sports contracts James David Rodriguez Rubio (in spanish), who in 2014 was acquired as a professional player for Real Madrid Club de Futbol; the contract was revealed by the website https://footballleaks2015.wordpress.com/; the document will present it is the contract signed according to the official model of the RFEF governing the employment contract professional player in Spain.

This is a simple contract with clauses governing only points with respect to the provision of professional services of the player to the club. In the header note identifying the parties, then the clauses of it we can see that states: the object of the contract, the duration, and compensation and payment for the provision of services by the player, including other basic conditions. Similarly we see in the first of the "riders" known as termination clause (buyout clause), which must pay the player in the case that the player wants to extinguish its unilateral-mind contractual obligation, having to pay a total of five hundred million (500,000,000) as compensation.

Additionally there is the private contract possibly concluded before, with apart from the points that are on the official form of the RFEF: issues of exploitation of image player, penalty clauses, and other aspects of the club and the player agree.