martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

The buyout clause in Spanish Football.

The buyout clause in Spanish Football. In previous posts (in spanish) we have been able to observe the contracts of some of the main players of the Spanish Football; Toni Kroos, James Rodriguez, Luka Modric, are some of the players of Real Madrid Club de Futbol, ​​who have in their contract termination clauses for exorbitant amounts, in the case of Toni Kroos, for three hundred million euros (300.000.000 ), in the case of James and Luka for five hundred million (500.000.000 ), but, what is the buyout clause ?.

We know that contracts are business bilateral legal obligations producer. in which one or more persons agree to be bound over another or others,to give something or provide some service, and knowing that sports contracts are bilateral contracts, there is a possibility that not compliance to the agreement; a change of equipment is usually the reason for which a player fails to meet its contractual obligations, that is where it comes to running the termination clause, which as we see in the example shown, is the indemnified, for the termination of the contract by the player.

So if a player wants to get rid of a contractual relationship, you must pay (or club who wants to buy it) contained in the termination clause, although it is usual that when a team wants to take the services of a player, seek agreement transfer (operation in which the federative rights of a player from one club to another are transferred) before exercising the payment of the termination clause.